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Friday, February 12, 2010

Depp on Alice in Wonderland and UK cinema plan to boycott it!

Some new footage of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in
American film director, Tim Burtons, upcoming film Alice In Wonderland. In this clip Johnny Depp gives commentary regarding his character and says this role was a "dream come true." Click here to check it out!

Also, Tim Burton was awarded the Winsor McCay Award, given to those who have made an impact on the art and industry of animation, on Feb. 6 at the 37th Annual Annie Awards ceremony.

Helena Bonham Carter says, here character in Alice In Wonderland, the queen, "has turrets." She's all off with their heads, all the time.The film due out March 5 and also starring the talented Anne Hathaway. I'm beyond SUPER excited.

Also, the UK's biggest cinema chains are set to boycott Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland because of a dispute with Disney over the release window. Disney wants to cut the gap between the theatrical opening and the DVD release to just 12 weeks, down from the standard 17 weeks. The big exhibitors refuse to book any film that doesn't have a guaranteed four-month theatrical run. HOPEFULLY everything works out. I would hate for the UK to be deprived of the Depp-ness we all know and love.


  1. Tim Burton is the best! Your blog is cool!