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Monday, February 15, 2010

Nat Port wrapped new film and supports relief in Haiti

Natalie Portman's new film, Black Swan, finally wrapped up on Thursday according to First Look

Black Swans is a Psychological thriller from American director Darren Aronofsky (who also directed Requim for a Dream and the Wresteler) and Fox Searchlight. The talented and always lovely Natalie Portman stars as a ballet dancer steeped in a manipulative relationship with a rival, played by cutie Mila Kunis. (also starring Winona Ryder).
In a recent interview Natalie said, “I’m trying to find roles that demand more adulthood from me because you can get stuck in a very awful cute cycle as a woman in film”. Well, if you want a director who has the ability to strip you of all your childlike innocence in one swift scene then (as Jennifer Connelly found out in Requiem for a Dream) Aronofsky is your man."

Also, Natalie has donated a pair of her ballet shoes, used for Black Swan, to a Haiti benefit auction. The auction begins on March 15 so please visit craftsforacause website for further details.

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