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Thursday, February 18, 2010

True Blood: Season 3Spoilers

The third season of True Blood will include some major origin flashbacks, reaching back to the pre-vamp days (human lives).

-We will drop in Eric's birth and meet his dad, a Viking king named Ulfrick, and his mother.

- Brit Morgan, who was last seen as Lacy on The Middleman, will play psycho werewolf and Sookie-nemesis, Debbie Pelt. Debbie is Joe's ex-girlfriend and had quite a turn in the books, but we know Alan Ball plays fast and loose with the mythology, in a good way, so we'll wait and see.

- So far, four episode titles for True Blood season three are known: the premiere will be "Pack of Wolves," followed by "Beautifully Broken," "It Hurts Me Too," and "9 Crimes."

- According to SpoilerTV, there is one more pivotal werewolf to cast in "Hollis," a 40-something bouncer, and Alcide confidant, that will save him from a beating and - here is where it gets spoilery - deliver some bad news to Alcide about his fiancée.

Source: UGO

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