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Monday, February 15, 2010

Jolie to adopt again?????

Amongst the rumors of separation, couple fights, and cheating allegations comes rumors of Pitt-Jolie adopting AGAIN.
Angelina Jolie says she is always open to take in children in need but that was not her intentions during her visit to Haiti, when addressing the rumors that her and Brad Pitt would be adopting another child. She was there as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador visiting injured children. The actress and ambassador voiced her concerns, saying she fears the disaster could lead to a rise in child trafficking urging those considering adoption not to rush into anything.

She says, "An emergency is not the time for new adoptions in any way. Child trafficking has been a huge problem for a very long time. Everybody that means well needs to really take that very seriously... As an adoptive parent, I understand the urge to assist in that way. But people need to not get frustrated but really work with the country."
Also, Jolie and Pitt have donated 1 million of there own money for the relief efforts in Haiti!

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