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Monday, February 15, 2010

Who said old men couldn’t act like little girls?

Cheney and Biden went tit for tat yesterday. Their points are valid but it all seemed too personal for me to actually believe the American people were even a faint thought in these fossils withered minds. They were too worried about getting the last word and trying to make the other look stupid. RIDICULOUS!

Cheney believes we could be under threat of another attack similar to 9/11. He says there is exclusive evidence that Al Qaeda has been trying to acquire a weapon of mass destruction(with no further inference of that evidence) and that the Obama administration did not handle the Holiday Bomber, well.

With a smirk, Biden, says that another attack similar to 9/11is highly unlikely because they have taken all possible actions to safeguard against that, and will continue to do so. Also says Cheney does not listen much and is frankly misinformed.

Meanwhile, yesterday, during a NATO Military assault 12 Afghan civilians were killed as forces advance. US have apologized and are trying to acquire information on how the weapon detoured.

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